CALL TO ACTION: Facts Matter! 306 Ranks 45 at 46


Let’s stop feeding into his false media claims! Maybe we should even stop calling him 45. Obviously, he needs to be directly told he’s ranked at 46 because at the February 16th press conference, he YET AGAIN bragged about his miserable electoral college showing with a direct contradiction of facts:  “I guess it was the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan. (31 seconds in)  uhm… No.  306 electoral votes is a number less than Obama’s 332 and 365 electoral wins, Clinton’s 379, or George H. Bush’s 426.  And if you want to compare his rank of 46 against electoral college wins, he’d rank 46 out of 56.  The 2016 EC “win” ranks among the lowest quartile historically.  And in overall numbers since Reagan, only George W. ranked lower.

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As John J. Pitney Jr. from Claremont McKenna College put it, “If they had just described the outcome as a ‘dramatic upset victory,’ nobody could reasonably disagree,”  But he doesn’t and his camp doesn’t seem to want to correct him.  Maybe after  he got schooled by  NBC reporter Peter Alexander he’ll stop the bragging, but that hasn’t taken hold before.  But he did pay attention.  Apparently, a direct challenge is what it’s gonna take to get the propaganda prezzie to check his lying.


Send trackable information to help him with his education. Here are some tweets to send out today!

45 is 306. And Obama is 365, Clinton 379, and G.H. Bush is President 426. Or maybe we should rank him. He’s 46th out of 58. sad!

@POTUS your EC win is 46 out of 58 elections. Only George W. did worse than you and you both lost the popular vote. #FactsMatter

or send him a postcard and address it to:

President 46
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Wonder why I call you 46 when you’re the 45th President?  It’s because your electoral college win rank isn’t even mediocre, it’s ranked among the lowest.  Your EC win rank is number 46 out of 58 presidential elections or 46 out of 56 elections determined by the electoral college.  Those are basic facts.  Facts which are available to anyone who can use google.  #FactsMatter #QuitLying


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