“If we desire respect for the law, we must first make laws respectable.” –Louis D. Brandeis


Our government is a system of checks and balances. This week, House Republicans plan to pass the REINS Act (Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny). REINS will strip the Executive branch of the power to implement laws already passed by Congress.

This law would have prevented nearly every climate or employment rule change of the Obama years.

The measure has passed the Republican House in 2011, 2013 and 2015, but never made it passed the Senate. Republicans now hope for a vote on REINS in the coming days. They want it ready fast and are pushing hard! The hope is it’ll have Trump’s signature immediately after he is sworn in on Jan. 20.

 “I will sign the REINS Act should it reach my desk as President and more importantly I will work hard to get it passed. The monstrosity that is the Federal Government with its pages and pages of rules and regulations has been a disaster for the American economy and job growth. The REINS Act is one major step toward getting our government under control.” –Donald Trump

REINS Act’s entire purpose makes it possible for the elimination of public health, food safety, environmental, labor, financial reform, and investor safeguards by a single Chamber of Congress, and eliminates any opportunity for a presidential veto.


In this country, Congress passes laws and then delegates them to the agencies of the Executive branch to enforce. The agencies’ experts (scientists, scholars) design the actual implementation of the law. For instance, generally, senators have no idea how much PFAS can be in drinking water before it is harmful (EPA), how to implement least restrictive environment (DOE), or how much concrete should be used on highways to be safe (DOT). However, the agencies, who employ scientists, economists, engineers are experts in their areas, do! When agencies are delegated a new law, they go through an elaborate process to write the regulations.

The REINS Act blocks major legal safeguards and protections issued by agencies to carry out earlier Congressional laws. The agencies will have to reaffirm in both the Chamber of Congress within 70 days and hope for the president’s signature. It will only take ONE Chamber of Congress member to put their foot down to block or void an earlier law! They can also resort to obstruction and delay a vote approval.

If the EPA, for example, writes regulations that prevent drilling for oil in a particularly fragile environment that either chamber doesn’t like, it can simply allow the 70 day reaffirmation time to expire, making the LAW and its regulations null and void. The other chamber of Congress cannot resurrect the law.  The President cannot veto this action.


Contact your legislators by phone today to let them know you disapprove of laws that upset the checks and balances put in place by the Constitution and previous legislation!  Trump has promised to sign the act even though it strips the Executive branch and the President of the power to enact the laws of the land!



Find your Representative and Senator here:  https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials

Not Sure what to say?

I am a constituent. The purpose of my calling to voice my opposition to the REINS Act. I feel this act is unconstitutional. This proposed act would disrupt the checks and balances of the branches of government that were put in place by the Constitution and prevent agencies from working effectively to protect Americans. Please vote NO on the REINS Act.

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