Call to Action: Support Assault Survivors In the Era of Trump


Our President-Elect is a predator and we know it. Tomorrow, we Inaugurate a man with a documented history of abuse and assault. He is the least popular President-Elect in modern history. A man recently coined the term Post Trump Stress Disorder, diagnosed himself with it, and promptly died of a heart attack. This is troubling for many people, but it understandably seems to induce a particularly agonizing distress in survivors of assault.

“We have an [incoming] president who has active accusations against him as it relates to sexual violence,”Sharmili Majmudar, executive director of Rape Victim Advocates, told VICE “and I think that concerns a lot of survivors.”

She says that since the election, rape crisis centers are receiving more calls. People who have experienced this sort of trauma are impacted. Those who have already suffered harm are suffering further under our new president.

Assault is a grievous crime. Many of us who understand what a despicable act it is are worried. Already, we have evidence that this worry is not unjustified. Christopher von Keyserling, a republican municipal government official in Greenwich, proclaimed the following a woman and employee. “I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct,” according to TIME. He then assaulted her. It is noteworthy that the first selectman of Greenwich, also a republican, described the event as abhorrent, but especially relevant that we have yet to hear similar comments from those who have aligned themselves most dogmatically with the President-Elect. So far, they have nothing to say to assault survivors. But you do.


There are excellent resources available regarding individual instances of violence and abuse. If you want help responding personally, you will get sound advice from RAINN.

Remember that 17% of women and 3% of men have experienced sexual violation. Thus you probably know someone who is recovering. Already, you are supporting them. Your words matter. You support them when you express that you would trust them to be telling the truth. Further, when you express that violating anyone’s consent is entirely reprehensible behavior, you help to foster a better world. A world where people who have suffered crimes against their person are not forced to relive their traumatic experiences is a better world. Acknowledgment of rape for what it is – a crime – is advocacy. In addition, there is much to be done to support survivors of assault on a political scale.

Pussy Grabs Back


  • Write or tweet to Paul Ryan and ask him if Christopher von Keyserling is correct. Is that the new world? He is Speaker of the House, consequently, he has assumed responsibility to answer for his party. Ask him if a new world of sexual assault is the “great” America republicans are trying to create. Here’s his contact information. After all, are continual allowances for sexual assault part of the RNC’s plan for this country? Presumably not. We hope not. If not, how are they going to prove that to us? We are asking. We are listening.
  • Speak with your own representative about this, as well. You can find and get in touch with your representative here.
  • While you’re calling, encourage your representative to allocate funds in our national budget to work for justice for survivors of assault.
  • Furthermore, encourage your representative to insist that the USA end the DNA rape kit backlog.

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