#SUN CALL TO ACTION: Donate To Meals On Wheels!


Trump’s budget has cuts coming to community services left and right. One of the most pressing is the funding that will have a certain detriment to Meals On Wheels. This essential service provides food to over 2.4 million Americans every single day. The non-profit delivery service ensures many elderly and disabled people have adequate nutrition. It is often the difference between eating and starving.

While the program isn’t under direct threat of being shut down, they definitely lack the funding. Not only that, they are having trouble keeping up with the demand. Our baby boomer population isn’t going to stop aging, and we need to make sure they stay as healthy as possible. One thing we CAN do, is keep their food coming! We at #SUN want to ensure there’s enough funding no matter what.

People are stepping up all over North America to ensure funding for Planned Parenthood, The ACLU, and the NAACP. We need to add Meals On Wheels to our regular donation list too. Feeding those who can’t provide for themselves should be a top priority!


You can go online to their national website:


Send a check or money order:

Meals On Wheels America
1550 Crystal Drive, Suite 1004
Arlington, Virginia 22202


Find your local Meals on Wheels by clicking here https://americaletsdolunch.org/ and apply to be a volunteer.


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