#SUN CALL TO ACTION: Send Donald Trump Some Manners!


Something we’ve always known about “President” Trump is that he has horrible manners. Whether he’s making a call to a world leader, dealing with his staff, or making his #POTUSAbroad trip, he hasn’t shown the best manners. I mean, the guy doesn’t really have any to begin with…

So here’s what we’re proposing

We think it would be extremely beneficial to our toddler like President if he were to read up on what manners are. If you go to Barnes & Noble there are many different types of books you can send him. Our favourite of course is “Mind Your Manners, Biscuit!” by Alyssa Satin Capucilli. You can pick up this nifty little book for just $3.99! 

If you have your own used copies at home, you can send those too. Now, as most people know by now, you can’t just mail something to the White House and assume he will get it. It goes through a processing team before it hits his desk. Therefore, you can send it to:

Trump Tower
725 5th Ave,
New York, NY

Feel free to write your own little note of “encouragement” inside too!


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