#SUN CALL TO ACTION: Tell Your Local Police That Black Lives Matter!


The continuing epidemic of police killing people of color is evidence that we still have a long way to go in convincing our neighbors that BLACK LIVES MATTER. As we stand up for people of color, one action that we need to take is to try and stop the killings from happening in the first place.

Start local, start right now!

Google the address, email address, or a nonemergency phone number for your local police station. Ask the chief of police – or whoever answers the phone – to tell you specifically what they are doing to impress upon their force that Black Lives Matter. Hold them accountable in their policing. Ask what they’re doing to implement diversity and sensitivity training with their officers. If they tell you they already have a plan in place, ask them what it is. Then make sure to ask them to share that plan with neighboring towns.

Bonus Action

Follow it up by contacting the mayor of your city or town. Find out how to contact them via phone, email, or even Twitter. And if you’re in the mood for a good letter writing campaign, you can take part in the snail mail phenomenon!


For those of you who aren’t quite so tech savvy but want to learn how to open and grow a Twitter account, we found a link to help you along. Click here to learn how to use Twitter and join the Twitterverse crowd!

If you’re already on Twitter and plan on tweeting to your mayor, make sure to include hashtags.

#BlackLivesMatter #TheResistance #Resist #Persist 


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