#SUN UPDATE: Proof The #Resistance Is Working!


Trump supporters everywhere should be reeling today after the last twenty-four hours of shocking resignations and startling reveals from the new administration. Thankfully, this means every phone call we make, every postcard we send, and every march and protest we attend is working! We’re finally getting traction and starting to “Drain the Swamp” and “Make America Great Again!”


  • Flynn resigned from National Security Advisor position or was told “you’re fired” depending on which news you read. (This happened just 24 days into Trump’s presidency.)
  • Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder just withdrew himself from consideration after GOP realized they would not have the support to have him approved.
  • Republican senators are (allegedly) afraid to attend public events like town halls when they return home. Or as GQ put it, “It turns out many Republicans have no desire to participate in our participatory democracy.”
  • Traditionally a red state, Georgia residents are demanding a town hall from their elected officials.
  • There is a lot of pressure on Chaffetz to investigate Flynn. Daily Kos devoted an entire page to remind Chaffetz to Do His Job.  Every topic Chaffetz tweets about, twitter reminds him to “do his job” and investigate Flynn and Russia. Tweet him (@jasoninthehouse) to remind him to #InvestiGATE #Flynnghazi and #DoYourJob
  • And more than 20 states have asked to keep travel ban frozen. (Texas, of course, asked to have it restored.)

No, all this doesn’t equate overturning our goverment, it’s a great start! We’re starting to expose the lies, make people more aware, and daily are bringing more people into the resistance. While there’s still a ton of work to do in the fight for equality, justice, and right let this be a golden moment. We all need to take a minute and appreciate our efforts aren’t for nothing. Thankfully this is just the beginning and if we can keep up the momentum we can do so much more!


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