Call to Action: Letter Writing Campaign to Cub Scouts

It’s a sad day when a little boy has to leave his cub scout troop because of his gender identification. However, that’s exactly what happened to 8-year-old Joe Maldonado.

According to CNN and New Jersey, Joe¬†Maldonado was removed from the boys-only program because he’s legally female. quoted The Boy Scouts of America Communications Director Effie Delimarkos as saying “the classification on the participants birth certificate¬†would be used to confirm legal status.”

We need this policy to change right now! Children shouldn’t need to qualify for a program based on their genetics, they should be included based on how they identify.

There are a few things you can do to help:

Call the Boy Scouts of America head office and voice your outrage: 972-580-2000

Write an email to each of the pack 87 leaders.
List found here.

Write a letter and mail it to the Boy Scouts of America’s National Office address:

1325 W. Walnut Hill Lane
Irving, Texas

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you in support of Joe Maldonado, the 8-year-old transgender boy banned from participating in Cub Scout pack 87 in North Jersey.

Removing a child based on their biological gender instead of their gender identification is NOT OKAY. This policy must be changed now before more children face this horrendous discrimination.

Until your policy changes, I pledge to not donate to, fund, or buy products from any organization associated with The Boy Scouts of America.


The more SuitUp Nation members we can get involved the better. Let’s work together to make sure Joe Maldonado gets back into his troop and this never happens to another child again!

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