CALL TO ACTION: Order Tickets & Empty the Trump Train!


Instead of sorting out his cabinet and getting the government in order, Donald Trump is hitting the streets in what strangely seems like a very early start to his 2020 reelection campaign (though we can’t prove that for sure).

Either way, enough is enough! As if his “Thank You” victory tour wasn’t enough, he’s back visiting key states. His first stop is Melbourne, Florida and he’s promising more stops shortly after.


Since this is a ticket only event we want our SuitUp Nation members to take some time and order themselves some tickets. There’s only two per order so make sure you use any and all email accounts you have.

Click the tweet below or visit the website by clicking here to be taken to the website and order your free tickets. If you need a zip code try one of these: 32901, 32902, 32903, 32919, 32934. 

Keep in mind you will need a cell phone number to complete the order as it will text you a random code.

Let’s do what we did to his victory tour and make sure at least half the seats are empty! Show this man he doesn’t have our trust and never will! We will not support a man who’s cabinet includes white nationalists, alternative fact creators, and billionaire campaign donors. AMERICA DESERVES BETTER!


Our SuitUp Nation website offers over 100 call to action posts to keep the momentum going! We’re a group of serious human rights and social activists dedicated to taking down Trump and his deplorable administration!

Visit SuitUp Nation’s Facebook Group to join in the conversation and become part of the #SUN movement. Make sure to let us know when you’ve taken action! Leave us a comment on our Facebook Page! Tell everyone you’re a bad a** activist who’s standing up for Human Rights all over North America!