CALL TO ACTION: No National Park Drilling!

TELL CONGRESS: No National Park Drilling

The House Committee on Natural Resources is now reviewing House Joint Resolution 46. This resolution would repeal recent updates to the National Park Service’s authority to regulate some drilling in national parks. (Specifically, to regulate drilling of oil, gas, and minerals for which the federal government does not own the rights.) Currently, the NPS can say no to any such drilling if it thinks it would hurt the environment. The organization has never denied a request, though it has made requests to modify operations to prevent damage to the parks. (You can read the entire rule in question here if you have a lot of time.) These recent updates strengthened safety standards for drilling and gave the NPS more power to enforce them. Since the NPS knows what’s best for the parks, tell Congress you want no national park drilling that the NPS doesn’t approve of.

In addition, the new resolution is dangerous because it would set a precedent. If it passes, it will therefore be much harder in the future to reinstate these necessary standards. It also opens the door to more repeals of environmental safety standards. 


  • Call, write, and tweet at your representatives about national parks in your area and the effects drilling would have. Here is a list of the national parks by state and which congressional district(s) each one is in.
  • You can also use this form to write your representative about your thoughts on the national parks and drilling.



Check out the National Park Foundation’s guide on how to donate and volunteer to support the national parks.


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