Event: Tax March on Washington

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Date(s) - 15/04/2017
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Internal Revenue Service Building



On April 15th, 2017 the American people will be taking to the streets to demand President Trump produce his tax returns! This isn’t about his income anymore – this is about his conflicts of interest between his company and holding the highest office in the country!

To get in on the action, join the Facebook event page, indicate you’ll be there, and get ready to #SUITUP for the day. It’s time for Trump to be transparent and produce the paperwork!


Hosted by: The Ascent of the Resistance
Contact Info: Via Facebook
Website: http://taxmarch.org/
Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1775904869340111/


Every President (after Nixon) has shown the US public their tax returns, except Donald J. Trump. We should hold every president to the same standard, no president is an exception to the rules. The people demand to know what he is hiding. Let’s show Kellyanne Conway that the American people do care what he is hiding.

There is also barely any laws that require the release of taxes for those running for President. We should DEMAND that Congress creates legislation that abides by the transparency of our government. We elect, hire and pay these people to represent us and to protect us. Transparency is vital to ensure that they are doing their jobs for the People. The President is our employee and we have to remind him of that.

Also, another reminder that Washington DC is NOT a state and the residents of DC are being taxed without representation, something our Founding Fathers fought for in the American Revolution and were their primary concerns when writing the Constitution. At this march, we also demand that Congress makes us an official state so we can officially have a vote in Congress. The residents of DC deserve to be heard and their votes to be counted in Congress. It is ridiculous that some of our city councilmembers have been elected since 1991 and haven’t won the fight for our statehood. DC its time to fight for your representation!

Visit SuitUp Nation’s Facebook Group to join in the conversation and become part of the #SUN movement. Make sure to let us know when you’ve taken action! Leave us a comment on our Facebook Page! Tell everyone you’re a bad a** activist who’s standing up for Human Rights all over North America!