CALL TO ACTION: Fight to #DefendTheNet




Imagine logging into your computer and grabbing your phone to hop on the internet, only to get a message that your favorite website is not available. Only it’s not a server issue. It’s because your internet or cell provider doesn’t allow users to access particular sites.


Think of it like the recent DirectTV-ABC dispute that interrupted transmission of ABC stations on New Year’s Eve. The satellite television service provider and ABC were squabbling over a contract. So depending on where you live, you may have watched a black screen instead of the Times Square ball drop.

OK, so missing a countdown won’t shake someone’s life up. But take it a step further.

Imagine your cable or cell provider doesn’t like CNN or some other “fake news” website because they support the current administration. You are now flirting with thought control and restricted access to information. Not as drastic as a blackout, but you could be forced to pay an upcharge to access sites without an existing agreement.


The opponents of “net neutrality,” which is shorthand for the FCC required access to all legal sites, are big cable providers. If they prevail in eliminating the mandatory open access, you likely won’t even be able to google up a competing provider if you’re mad over your bill. This attack is about nothing more than big business and the almighty dollar.



Enter the Chump-In-Chief pick to lead the Federal Communications Commission – Ajit Pai, a former Verizon exec. In his first FCC led meeting today, the three-member panel (with two seats still to be filled by Trump) decided to eliminate pricing transparency for “smaller” service providers. So, if you’re not using a big name provider – like Verizon – you may not know all the fees and data limits they can tack on.

That’s just the first step.

From there it is a slippery slope, and the big business Orwellian scenarios above could happen.


Act now., a project of, has a petition where you can sign telling Ajit Pai to listen to the users of the internet and not the Trumpian agenda. As an added layer of protection, sign one more petition and urge Congress to double down on open internet regulations and protect net neutrality.

Finally, as a show of support, post on the Facebook page or tweet to your Representative and two Senators that you demand they protect an open internet.

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I like sharing my thoughts with you on the net and seeing how you vote. Protect net neutrality and the internet for all. #defendthenet


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