CALL TO ACTION: Demand Answers! What Happened To S. 65?


The bill (S. 65) would require, if passed, the President and Vice President, as well as their spouses and minor children to divest of conflicting assets through a qualified blind trust; require presidential appointees to recuse themselves if any manner would substantially affect the President; and prohibit the President and Vice President from participating in Federal Contracts. In addition, this bill would require the President, Vice President, and any major party nominee to be President or Vice President to disclose their three most recent tax returns.

Senator Warren and 23 co-sponsors introduced this bill into the Senate on January 9, 2017. From there the associated bill H.R. 317 went before the House of Representatives and was sponsored by Rep. Katherine M. Clark and garnered 120 co-sponsors. It has since moved to Committee of Homeland Security and Government Affairs and into the hands of the Majority Leader Rob Johnson of Wisconsin.


The Call to Action is to contact your Senators about Senate bill S. 65.  If they are co-sponsors already, urge them to press their fellow Senators on the committee to get this bill moving.  If they’re not co-sponsors, tell them to go on the record supporting the bill.  The presidency should not be for generating additional cash-flow for Trump’s companies.  Just one example of this is that the membership fee at Mar-a-Lago doubled its initiation fee to $200,000 on January 1st.  The Defense Department is currently considering space rental at Trump Tower, with a direct funneling of government dollars directly to Trump’s “commercial interests.”


Is your Senator staying silent over Trump’s conflicts of interest?  Or have they gone into hiding?  Are their voice mails full?  Are they not responding to email?  Not showing up at Town Halls?  Because so many avenues are filling up, it’s Postcard time then.  Then consider commissioning a postcard which would put them on notice. Make sure they know you’re paying attention to any and all legislation which addresses the bare greed of this presidency.


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