Call To Action: Clean Water Crisis in America!

We’ve all heard about the humanitarian crisis in Flint, and how their residents are forced to utilize lead-poisoned water if they can’t find (or afford) access to bottled water. However, did you know that their problem isn’t on the media radar yet? Would it surprise you to learn that this is not only a city-wide crisis but a national one?

It’s no secret that America’s water infrastructure is a complete mess. Rather, the real secret is the actual volume of tarnished water that is flowing through water mains in our country’s houses and public buildings. Not only is drought and our leaky, antiquated water infrastructure system a major factor in this crisis, but also the fact that there are around 10 million lead service lines that directly connect the water supply to residences and public buildings. Just as scary is that only NINE U.S. states report safe levels of lead in their water supply. This issue is SO dire that the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence ranks water scarcity as a significant threat to our national security.

So what do we do about it? For starters, we need visibility. People need to know that this is an issue and need to make noise about it. While we can do our part by using water responsibly and testing water locally, ultimately we will need government funding and intervention to make a real impact.

Our water infrastructure system is far overdue for an overhaul. Constant leaks (around 700 per day), bursts, and pipes that are out of compliance are all factors. Although this is a costly venture, it is necessary for the well-being of our nation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has projected the cost of water infrastructure renovation would be in the ballpark of $384 billion, though those estimates have since increased. If the government does not start to pay attention to this, the cost of maintaining current infrastructure as well as additional water purification needs could pass to the consumer – the American Water Works Association suggested that water bills could triple for families in areas that are suffering the most.

Clean water is an initiative that spans the globe – although this Call to Action solely focuses on the crisis in America, this is an issue that needs addressing everywhere. Clean water is a human right and we want our #SUN members involved!

Here’s How You Can Help:

Donate to The Water Project (Global)

Organize a Lead in Drinking Water Workshop or Open House

Donate to the Clean Water Action

Resist Trump’s Climate Deniers

Tell Your Senator to Choose Clean Drinking Water

Demand Clean Drinking Water For All!

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