Call to Action: #TweetYourAbortion

Ok, so we know we’re asking #SUN members to dig deep and maybe open up a little too much, but we want to ensure the upcoming Trump administration knows exactly how we feel about any changes to the Roe v. Wade supreme court ruling. The fate of women’s rights rests in our hands and we need to show a united front to protect the.

We want all our SuitUp Nation teammates to take Twitter by storm and tag @realDonaldTrump using the hashtag #TweetYourAbortion and show your support for the divine right for American women to take their own health into their hands. If you’ve had to make the decision to abort share your story, and if not, share why you support a woman’s right to choose.

In just a few weeks since Trump became President-Elect, the pro-life movement has tried several times to change the face of reproductive planning. First, there was the disgusting law in Texas forcing parents and facilities to bury the remains of miscarried or aborted fetuses, and then there was the awful Ohio Heartbeat Bill that was thankfully vetoed. We all know it’s not going to stop there. As soon as The Don takes charge things will get much worse.

Join us on our Twitter account @SuitUpNation and help get the #TweetYourAbortion movement trending by using Trump’s favorite platform to shut him down. Let’s make the world know we’re not going to sit by and watch them strip away a woman’s right to make her own decision. It’s not up to Trump what a lady does with her body. It’s up to her and her medical team, no one else!

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