Call to Action: Thank Senator Tom Carper For Taking On Trump!

Donald Trump’s business interests are starting to worry many in the public, as well as those who hold office. Clarification was supposed to come on December 15th during Trump’s press conference, but that day never came. Two days before he was set to take the stage the President-Elect canceled.

However, his antics aren’t getting overlooked. Democratic Committee leader Tom Carper assembled a team, and he and 22 other Senators issued a joint letter asking Trump to disclose what his future holds. They want answers, and they’re not stopping until they get them. Not only did they write to Trump, but they’re getting the Government Ethics Office involved as well.

In their letter to Trump, they reminded the future leader that any business holdings are a serious conflict of interest and set him straight on the laws surrounding being the President and being a business man. It’s one or the other; he can’t have it both ways. He also can’t transfer his shares to family members, which is something Mr. Trump continually has said he’s going to do.

To address any conflicts of interest and constitutional requirements, we urge you to follow the advice of the Office of Government Ethics and divest your business holdings. Consistent with the practices of past presidents since passage of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, we also urge you to establish a qualified blind trust or an equivalent in which your assets are administered by an independent party and not controlled by members of your family. Such actions are consistent with the steps called for in Senate Concurrent Resolution 56.

We are asking our #SUN members to reach out to Senator Tom Carper and thank him for being one of our knights in shining armor. There are not enough heroes stepping up for America, and this man is trying to do the impossible – talk sense into a man who’s unwilling to see past his own personal gain.

To reach Senator Carper’s office by phone please call¬†(202) 224-2441.¬†Or you can write the Senator a thank you letter and mail it to his office:
Thomas Carper
513 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

A simple “thank you for your service” will go a long way. Surely, this man is a target of much hate right now and he needs to know there are people like us who appreciate his hard work!

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