Call to Action: Tell Your Senator – The Price is Wrong!


Health and Human Services is trillion dollar budget.  This cabinet position administers the department which will be responsible for changes to the Affordable Care Act.  The Secretary of HHS will implement the policies for Medicare and Medicaid “reform.”  In 2015, Price floated replacement legislation for Obama’s ACA which was based on privatization and the voucher system for medical insurance.   His plan impacts the protection of pre-existing conditions, returning workers to the vulnerable position of a “gap” coverage being a disqualifying, or high-cost return event.  His proposed subsidies are based on age, rather than income.  Of course, he’s anti-abortion.  He’s also complained about the ACA coverage for guaranteed benefits.


There are too many inquiries about “inappropriate” financial investments.  This would include a Bill proposed which would benefit his Puerto Rico investments.  That’s beside his active trading in Innate Immunotherapeutics even while he promoted legislation which would help that company.  He also undervalued the stock price of the shares he owned in that company.  In addition, there’s a tax thing and an ethics probe he forgot to disclose.  At this point who can be surprised any longer.  As Amy Davidson of the New Yorker noted:

It was hard to watch the hearings and come away with a sense that Republicans in either the Senate or the House will be any sort of check on the Trump Administration when it comes to ethical issues and business conflicts.


Call the Senators on the HELP (Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions) Committee.  If your Senator is on the committee, refer to the committee when you call.  You can still call your senator even if they are not on the committee.  Contact your Representative as well.  Just ask them to vote against confirming Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

“Hello, my name is [instert name here]. I’m calling to ask your office to commit to vote against Tom Price as Secretary of Health Services. There are too many red flags. We need someone in office with better qualifications and without questionable ties to the industry.”

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