Call to Action: Shut Down Senator John Thune’s Claims ACA Is A Failure!

It’s no secret the upcoming Trump administration is a threat to Obamacare. Part of the President-Elect’s platform was his government would immediately abolish the much-needed program.

While the Republican party keeps promising a replacement plan but so far they have yet to figure out the details. John Thune of South Dakota, the No. 3 Senate Republican told the New York Times, “It’s well documented, everybody agrees, both Republicans and Democrats, that Obamacare has serious problems. I would say it’s been a failure, and I think the American people agree.”

Things then went from bad to worse when Thune admitted the development of a new health care law wouldn’t even begin to take place until they abolish Obamacare. This is a disaster for the more than 20 million people who rely on the Affordable Care Act.

We need to act now and let our politicians know repealing Obamacare is absolutely unacceptable. We’re asking our #SUN members to start with the No. 3 Senator himself!

Call Senator Thune about how the Affordable Care Act has helped you today.

“I’m calling the Senator about his statement that the Affordable Care Act has been a failure. It has absolutely helped me.  I do not think it is a failure and I challenge the Senator to support his statement with sources and numbers.  I would also like to say that it has helped me by (** insert some personal ways it has helped you, or that you don’t see it as a failure but as a work in progress **) So, here’s at least one American’s voice saying to Senator Thune: my (family’s) health and welfare depend upon Obamacare.”

DC number: (202) 224-2321
Regional numbers: (605) 348-7551, (605) 225-8823, (605) 334-9596

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