Call to Action: Shut Down Attempt to Reintroduce Public School Prayer

Republican’s feel quite spritely these days.  Not only are they made numerous attempts to criminalize abortion, but now they’re going after the rights of your children.

Their newest effort to push more end of term legislation. The new target is the school system. Congressmen Bill Chumley, Mike Burns, and Steven Long are trying to force Bill H3345 and reintroduce prayer back into public schools.

Bill H3345 would allow any teacher in public schools to lead their class in prayer time, thus taking away the religious freedoms of children from other doctrines, or those who come from agnostic/atheist families. We need to keep public schools public.

Keeping public education religiously neutral is not religious hostility. There is no prohibition against the children themselves from praying in schools. The restrictions apply only to the authority figures. This is settled law, and the Supreme Court first ruled upon it in 1962 in Engel v. Vitale with an 8–1 vote.

As the Freedom from Religion Foundation writes:

It is dishonest to call any prayer “voluntary” that is encouraged or required by a public official or legislature. By definition, if the government suggests that students pray, whether by penning the prayer, asking them to vote whether to pray or setting aside time to pray, it is endorsing and promoting that prayer.”

We are asking our SuitUp Nation members to step in and take charge. Having teachers lead a class in prayer and thereby forcing their beliefs onto their class is a violation of the child’s rights. Let the Republican congressmen know that we care about all the children in South Carolina and their freedom from religious coercion.

Bill Chumley: Home Phone (864) 303-2726, Business Phone (864) 303-2726 or you can reach him through this email form

Mike Burns: Home Phone (864) 895-4593 Business Phone (864) 906-6949  or send him a note on his email form.

Steven Long: Cell Phone (864) 978-3104 or contact him via his email form.

The public school system is for teaching, not preaching. Children are a captive audience and a vulnerable population subject to the authority of the teacher. For those who want prayer as part of their child’s learning, there are many separate school systems parents can access.

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