Call to Action: Send Support to Ruth Bader Ginsbugh

For nearly 25 years, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has sat on The Supreme Court as an outspoken advocate for women’s rights. Her stance on gender equality is unwavering, and her views on the right to choose have set a precedent disallowing the passing of laws contending the Roe v. Wade ruling.

Not only that but this 83-years-old Nasty Woman has no plans to back down from being a top judicator. She’s sticking around for the foreseeable¬†future to ensure she can¬†continue to fight for our rights. She’s arguably the most liberal judge in court and needs to keep her place before the Orange One’s hierarchy moves in. The Trump Train is calling for her retirement and we can’t let that happen!

We would like #SUN members to show their appreciation for all this woman does to fight for equality in an unequal country.

We would like to fill her office with notes, letter, postcards, and flowers so when she comes to work she knows first hand how many of us are thinking about her.

Please send flowers, postcards, and letters to:

Attn: Her Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washinton, DC 20543

The more we spread the love the less Trump wins. Let’s team up and do what we can to make sure the most important allies, like Justice Bader Ginsburg, keep their positions so we can shut down hate every single day.

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