Call to Action: Say No to Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education

Trump’s long list of disastrous picks for cabinet include five billionaires. His latest billionaire picks is Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education, a uniquely unqualified nominee.

NO public school experience, ever!

According to Allison Nielsen with Sunshine State News, Betsy Devos never attended public school herself.  She placed her own children in private schools.  Devos does not have a degree in education, nor has she ever taught a day of school.  DeVos is a former Republican Party chairwoman in Michigan. Her only interaction with public education came while serving as chair of the pro-school-choice advocacy group, American Federation for Children.

“[DeVos] will work to demolish this system which provides a free appropriate public education for our students with disabilities and strives to provide all students with equitable access to education.” —ALLISON NIELSEN, Sunshine State News

Tax Dollars for Private Schools

If Michigan’s failed private schools are any indicator, our public school system is doomed if DeVos is confirmed as Trump’s Secretary of Education.  As chair of American Federation for Children, DeVos has been working to gut public education. Her goal is to use public school tax dollars to fund private school tuition through voucher programs. Unfortunately for the students of Michigan, her attempts have resulted in the growth of charter schools which report student test scores below state averages in reading and math. —Washington Post

Michigan is not the only state reporting failing charter schools.  Douglas Harris, an economist at Tulane University and director of the Education Research Alliance for New Orleans, reported,

“Students who participated in [Louisiana’s] voucher program had declines in achievement tests scores of eight to 16 percentile points. In Ohio, the results were also negative (though less so).” —New York Times

To add insult to injury, research shows that some charter schools can segregate students based on race, economic standing, and possibly language.  The Civil Rights Project has tracked the segregating effects of charter schools, and denounces what it calls “Choice Without Equity.”

sign the petition

If you care about public education and the success of all students, you are encouraged to sign the petition to tell the Senate to VOTE NO on Betsy DeVos.  We need a Secretary of Education who understands public education. We need a Secretary of Education concerned about the need for equity for all students regardless of color, ability, or language.

SIGN THE PETITION:   EMERGENCY PETITION: Defend Public Education – Vote NO on Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary

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