Call to Action: Push For Blue in Virginia!


January 10th, 2017 is a big day for those living in the state of Virgina. The first state elections will occur and the outcome will greatly alter how the state is run.

These special elections for the Virgina State House of Delegates and State Senate are crucial. Without putting democrats in these seats the grassroots movement to take back our government from Trump is in jeopardy. Republicans control the majority of the Virgina State House which will allow them to gerrymander the state’s congressional map.

The only way to fight back is to win! Putting Dems in the seats will give them the ability to break up the GOP majority and give the people of Virgina a way to block Republican progression.


Democrats Jennifer McClellan (District 9) and Ryant Washington (District 22) are both running for Virgina State Senate. They need our help and support to make sure they win their races.

The Virginia House of Delegates is heavily Republican after November’s election. Show your support for Democrat Cheryl Turpin who’s running in District 85.


You can help these Democratic candidates win in these last elections before the inauguration. Make sure to visit their personal websites to find out how to help or check in with Code Blue. The Code Blue website gives details and links to donate and will connect you with phone banks for these candidates.

Every move our SuitUp Nation team makes between now and Trump’s inauguration day matters. Make it a priority on your list to not only help Virginia’s Democrats but those in your state as well!

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