Call to Action: Pick Your Poison

This Call to Action is a big ask from our SuitUp Nation team but we’re hoping we can get people on board. Hate is running rampant throughout the world, and we want to shut as much of it down as possible. It’s going to be a long and tedious road, but we hope our #SUN members are up for the task.

The fist step to putting out a fire is to learn how to extinguish the flames. Educating ourselves is the single most important thing we can do to figure out our next steps. We have a massive project underway to stem some of the hate on the internet. We hope this will result in multiple Calls to Action and missions. However, it’s not easy, and just the thought will make many of you feel sick (like it did us).

We’re going to make it our mission to track the soul crushing movements of hate groups.┬áIf we know what they’re up to we can take action to spread love wherever they spread hate. We’ll attend their rallies and make sure our voices are louder, report any violence promotion as a hate crime, and adjust our movement to counter theirs.

For those who make it this far, here’s your task:

Choose a hate-spewing group you can stomach to follow either from our list or add them to the list. Make sure to add at least your first name under “Adopted By” so everyone knows we already have someone on that mission. We don’t want to give them any more of our members than absolutely necessary.

You can find our sign up sheet here!

  • After you’ve picked our poison go to the hate group’s website and sign up for any and all newsletters and press releases.
  • Like and follow their Facebook page and join their Facebook group if they have one.
  • Follow them on Twitter and any other social media platform.

Anytime there’s movement the rest of our #SUN group needs to know about post it in our Facebook Group, or send SuitUp Nation an email ( We’ll get the word out and find appropriate (and legal) ways to shut them down and ensure love wins.

Visit SuitUp Nation on Facebook to join in the conversation, share your story, and become part of the #SUN movement.