Call to Action: Operation Shut Down The Daily Stormer

With racism and sexism on the rise, it’s no surprise the white supremacist magazine The Daily Stormer are out to spread their hate.

On November 9th, the website published a list of fifty Tweeters who expressed their fears of living under President-Elect Trump’s rule. Worries about the rights of women, the LGBTQ+ community, the disabled, and other minority citizens made people a target of this hate-spewing site. Not only was a spotlight shone spotlight shone on the tweets, but on the Tweeters themselves.

The Daily Stormer article in question then asked it’s readers to “troll these people and definitely get some to kill themselves.,” in the hope that their next big headline will soon read “Mass Suicides After Trump Victory.” Unfortunately, this article is still published and sweeping the pages of its supporters.

We’re asking our #SUN members to get involved! 

There’s a simple and easy task we can do to help get this site shut down once and for all! Please take a minute to fill out this form (make sure to send the link) and report this cyber stalking hate crime to the FBI. Hopefully, if they get flooded with forms they’ll have to take action!

Page link found here:

If you’re feeling extra zealous today, we ask that you also pick one of the targetted Tweeters and show them, love. Let them know they aren’t alone. Our #SUN team is there fighting for them.

We all lose when hate crimes go unreported. Make sure to speak up and make a difference!

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