Call to Action: Listen


Today, Monday, January 16th, is Dr. Martin Luther King Day in the United States.  Faced with trying to find words which would match the grace and power of one of history’s great orators, this Call to Action simply asks you to listen.

Most commonly, people recommend King’s “I have a Dream” speech when they refer to his work. However, King wrote prolifically, and The King Center holds the official archive of his speeches and letters.  There you can explore a deep digital library of both letters and recordings.  However, in this CTA is to become familiar with the newly recovered King speech hosted at Democracy Now!

This speech demonstrates Dr. King’s continued relevance.  He speaks to the problems of 2017 from December 7, 1964. Covering topics as far ranging as how religion can be used to prop racist ideology to voting suppression, the speech covers Aristotle, Machiavelli, and non-violent philosophy.  Economic justice is also a large component of the speech.  His address of the changing structure of jobs in the 1960s resonates with the topic of job obsolescence today.

Given a few days before he received the Nobel Prize, this speech is a pointed reminder of how broad reaching his knowledge was.  This is a speech about interconnectedness within the world and problems which are greater than a given time or place within the United States.  In this speech, King marks himself not just as a leader for racial justice, but as a world leader.  Sit back and enjoy this hour long program.  Treat yourself to his cadence of voice and power of mind.

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