Call to Action: Letter Avalanche to Donald Trump


Donald Trump is a businessman and runs some massive companies all across the world. It’s one of the things that made him alluring to supporters but opponents find to be a threat. His name is not only still attached to too many endeavors but his pocketbook as well.

Now, even his outspoken advocates are beginning to panic. With Trump’s inauguration only days away, it’s time for Trump to cut ties to his company and get rid of any conflict of interest.

According to NPR, a handful of prominent conservatives decided enough is enough. They’ve sent the President-Elect a message in the hopes he’ll clear the air and his bank ties before he takes the oath. It’s an important Trump free himself of all associations because the country deserves more than a president who’s in the pocket of the big industries.


While the letter has already reached Trump’s hands, we want our SuitUp Nation members to show him we know what’s going on behind closed doors. We want each #SUN member to send a message by printing, signing, and mailing the letter as well. It’s time to #SuitUp, make a statement, and show him the world is watching.

You can find a downloadable version of the letter here.

To up the ante a little we want to send it to not only his New York estate but the White House as well. That way, no matter where he is we know he’s getting them.

Donald Trump c/o Trump Tower
725 5th Avenue
New York, New York

Donald Trump c/o The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC

If you’re feeling a little overzealous you can also send this letter to all your Congress Representative and Members of the Senate.

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