Call to Action: Kick Bannon Where It Hurts….

Bannon’s Breitbart company has a large stake in the way you see ads on Google. Every web click, every share, and every time you open social media you may bee seeing a Breitbart ad.

While it’s not possible to black out the internet for the rest of your life, it is possible to get Bannon’s company off your computer screen. This simple process will not only hurt Bannon’s bottom line but will stop the world from having to see any product or service tied to this disgusting white nationalist.

This is something all #SUN members can do from home!

(1) Copy this Goggle site for Website Complaints:…
(2) Go to
(3) Paste in the Google site copied in step (1)
(4) On the Google page that loads, scroll down to the bottom and to the “Leave feedback” section. Click on the box “website”. which Google tracks and that was Breitbart
(5) Check the ” 3rd Box ” saying that the site promotes racial intolerance.
(6) Add a comment (required)such as “Breitbart promotes racial intolerance and bigotry.”
(7) Click submit!

A How-To By Becky Benedict
A How-To By Becky Benedict

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