Call to Action: Help The White Helmets Save Lives!

Whether you watch your local news, read the newspaper, or get your information online, chances are you’ve read about the tragic situation happening in Aleppo.

The Syrian war sees the death toll rise every single day with innocent lives lost hourly. Families across the region have been forced to evacuate what’s left of their homes, with some fleeing the country and taking refuge in countries like Germany and France.

Where the UN is failing, there is a volunteer mission on the ground risking their own lives to save others. These are the real heroes! The White Helmets are an organization of civil rights humanitarians who lay it all on the line to be of service. Minute by minute they don’t know if they’ll be coming home to their own families while saving as many people as they can. Their own death toll is rising and their brave group are among the many wounded by war.

The White Helmets need your help! To date, 154 White Helmets have been killed in their mission to save lives, and through their website, you can donate to help them raise money for supplies, or you can directly buy the supplies needed.

Not all heroes wear capes.

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