Call to Action: Help the Standing Rock Protesters!

The protesters at Standing Rock are enduring some of the harshest treatments of any peaceful protest in America’s history. They’ve been doused in water during freezing temperatures, assaulted with tear gas, stinger grenades,¬†shot with rubber bullets, and even had LRAD’s used against them.

During it all, the protectors of water have stood strong and taken on every single violent act. They’ve remained hunkered down and fought for their rights. There have been no solutions offered, and the battle could go on for a very long time.

The native people are merely fighting for what’s already theirs. The land they stand on is part of their reserve and therefore shouldn’t be dug up by the government for a pipeline they never agreed to. Year by year indigenous¬†people loses more of themselves, their customs, and their rights. It’s time they stood up, and all of America should be showing their support.

You don’t have to be standing beside these humble protesters to help. There are several ways to be part of their plight without having to hop on a plane.

You can sign their petition here. The more signatures, the better! Let’s prove to the government the people are on the side of The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe!

Show your support by calling the President and telling his office exactly what you think of this atrocity! Let’s flood the White House will calls and show them the power of Standing with Standing Rock!

Finally, you can donate to the cause by clicking here. Your contribution will go towards legal fees, providing front-line protesters with sanitary conditions and help them with emergency funding.

We thank everyone for their gracious support and for taking the time to do what they can to help this worthy cause.

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