Call to Action: Help NAMI Fight Mental Illness


Everyday, millions of Americans live day to day struggling with mental illness. NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization, which started as a small group in 1979. NAMI’s work saves lives. They work hard to not only educate people about mental health, but offer programs and services to those in need. Help NAMI Fight Mental Illness!


  • Approximately 18.5% of adult Americans – 1 in 5 – experience mental illness such as depression or anxiety.
  • 1 in 17 people live with a serious disorder, like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.
  • 21.4% of youth 13-18 years old – 1 in 5 – will experience a severe mental disorder
  • 13% of children aged 8–15 – 13% – will also find themselves dealing with mental illness of their own

Mental illness is serious. While most people overlook the topic because it’s so foreign or “uncomfortable”, we want to dispel the stigma. Since American’s lose about $193.2 billion per year in personal care, it’s important that we donate. Whether it’s your time or your money, you can help those in need.

How YOU CAN Help

Get Involved: 

You can join the cause by going to NAMI’s website and clicking on Join. You can Become a NAMI member at all three levels of the organization—national, state and local—with one payment! Their membership rate is $35 per year, and they also offer a small Open Door rate of $3 per year for anyone experiencing financial constraints. Both rates receive the same benefits.


NAMI needs help from everyone! By clicking Donate you are helping to provide support services and education to the people who need it. Proceeds donated also go towards public outreach and promoting nationwide awareness events and activities, including Mental Illness Awareness Week, National Mental Health Awareness Month and NAMIWalks to fight stigma and stereotypes.

Help spread the word by following NAMI’s social media:


Twitter: @NAMICommunicate


Instagram: @NAMICommunicate


Most of all, think about your loved ones. If you or someone you know lives with mental illness, now is the time to act!

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