Call to Action: Drown The Don in Dictionaries!

Can we all agree that today’s unpresidented mistake should be the last time The Orange Overlord be anywhere near any keyboard without some sort of spell check in place? This man is supposed to become the leader of the free world in just a few weeks and is proving the American Education system isn’t up to par.

The Unpresidented President
The Unpresidented President

To combat his spelling and enunciation¬†mishaps we have a special project we’re hoping our #SUN friends will help get going. We want SuitUp Nation members to give the future president the gift of a decent vocabulary this holiday season. The man is in need of a dictionary!

But, let’s not stop at one. Let’s flood Trump’s New York penthouse with as many learning books as possible. Let’s send him HUNDREDS or even thousands of dictionaries, spelling workbooks, and if you feel overly generous maybe even a LeapPad or two.

All the books and lesson material can be mailed to:

ATTN: Donald J. Trump
Trump Tower
725 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10022

Hopefully, our generous book drive for the future POTUS will help him learn that words like “bigly” and “unpresidented” aren’t really words at all. As a bonus, he may also figure out how the proper way to say “huge” (not yuge) and China (instead of “jina”).

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