#SUN CALL TO ACTION: Cut @POTUS Security Budget


The U.S. budget proposal from the Trump administration eliminated 19 independent agencies, including beloved agencies such as Meals on Wheels, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Many of the budgets for these programs are smaller than what the U.S. Taxpayer will pay for Trump’s New York City Trump Towers security, his weekly flights to Florida, or the family’s trip to Aspen. The hashtag Let Them Eat Diamonds references the infamous misquote of Marie Antoinette and her “Let them eat cake.”  In this case, the ironic photo of Melania scooping up diamonds like she was wrapping spaghetti really did happen.


If the House Republicans can’t be bothered with Trump’s ties to Russia, if they don’t care about his taxes or his conflicts of interest, if the lack of ethical conformity in his administration and just the stupid, piddly-shit lies he makes every. single. day. he. tweets. is not of interest. Call your Representative, but also call the House Budget committee because they are the budget committee.  Let them know we care about how they use our tax dollars. Mulvaney was right.  We do care.  We just think the administration’s objectives to “deconstruct the administrative state” is an act of vandalism.  We know the administration is lying – yet again. (quelle surprise)

Here’s one potential script for if you are NOT a constituent:

“Hello, I’m calling Representative Black because she chairs the House Budget committee. I do not want my tax dollars to continue paying for the President’s 2nd White House. My tax dollars should not pay for his weekly golf vacations in Florida. If I have to pay taxes, I want them to support programs which feed and educate people. Cut the President’s security budget and save the NEA. Cut his security budget and fund Meals on Wheels.”

Or tweet this to chairwoman and the ranking member of the House Budget committee.

Control federal spending.Don’t use MY Tax$$ for TrumpTowers or MarALago #NoWall @RepDianeBlack @RepJohnYarmuth #SavePBS #SaveTheNEA instead


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