Call to Action: Become a Modern Warrior!


The war has begun. Small skirmishes and enormous battles will be fought over the next four years. Our Congress is running amok and reeking havoc against programs that protect citizens, and cowering to the whims of a dangerously unqualified loose cannon of a president. It can be so terrifying to hear the next news out of Washington that we forget to fight back. The truth is, we don’t have the luxury of sitting back. It’s time to take the fight to Capitol Hill.

Every new tweet, Washington Post article, CSPAN broadcast, and FB post about what is happening in Washington absolutely terrifies me. Then, I step back and realize that a terrified population is exactly what Trump wants. He ran his campaign and gathered supporters by appealing to their fear. So, even though it’s terrifying, when I realize I am playing into his plan, I get angry! That anger, and the desire to protect this nation and every one of us, is what prompts me to act, to pick up the phone and make a call to my members of Congress (MOCs).


So, today’s call to action is just that–ACT! We joined this group because we wanted to DO SOMETHING! Staying well-informed and expressing our concerns are our best weapons to fight back. Emails may help. Petitions may help. Calling is effective. Call YOUR MOCs!


Congress is set to vote on a repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). They have no plan in place, and repealing is expected to cost the US taxpayers an estimated $130 billion dollars. In addition, it will severely cut into Medicare and Medicaid, weakening those programs. Call YOUR MOCs (even if you live in a state where Democrats represent you) to voice your opinion about the repeal of the ACA. Here’s some information about the cost that may be helpful.


Congress is set to vote on Trump’s cabinet nominees next Wednesday, January 10. There are two CTAs on this page about individual nominees. Jeff Sessions was denied a federal judgeship in 2009 by the Republicans for his racism. Now, Trump wants him to be his Attorney General, the highest ranking lawyer in the land. Betsy DeVos wants to turn public education into a voucher system. These, however, are not the only unsuitable and unqualified nominees. Here’s some information on his line-up. Call YOUR MOCs before Wednesday.


This is going to be a long, long war. The most decisive battle will be the elections in 2018. To take back some of the gubernatorial and congressional seats in 2018, we have to start working NOW! Get involved at the local and state level, regardless of whether your area is red or blue. There are Democratic seats that will be in jeopardy. There are red seats we desperately need to flip. Find out who will be running in 2018, and start the grassroots efforts to get that person elected. We cannot afford to wait a year to start this process. This is going to be an uphill battle. Here’s some information on just how difficult it is going to be.


Most of us are new to being a warriors. If we are going to eventually win this war and reshape this great nation into the one we lost on November 8, we have to pace ourselves. Give yourself a day off every weekend. Find a way to just breathe. Then, on Monday morning, suit up, pick up your phone, and join the fray again! Battle on! There is a war to be won!

Visit SuitUp Nation’s Facebook Group to join in the conversation and become part of the #SUN movement. Make sure to let us know when you’ve taken action! Leave us a comment on our Facebook Page! Tell everyone you’re a bad a** activist who’s standing up for Human Rights all over North America!