CALL TO ACTION: Invite Alec Baldwin To The WHCD!!!


Most people now know Alec Baldwin for portraying Donald Trump on SNL, and now wants to take over at the WHCD. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!  Alec made the comment that he is lobbying to play Trump at the dinner, and will do anything. Since Donald Trump has stepped down from his responsibility of attending the dinner, we thought we would help nudge along the WHCA.



Here are several ways you can contact the White House Correspondence Association aside from their website:

Snail Mail: 

White House Correspondents’ Association
600 New Hampshire Avenue, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20037

Phone & Fax: 

202-266-7453 (Phone)

202-266-7454 (Fax)



Here’s an example of what to tweet:

@whca PLEASE have @AlecBaldwin at the #WHCD as Donald Trump! 

We honestly think Alec Baldwin would make a fine replacement as Donald Trump. So please help us in getting him invited to “perform” at the White House Correspondence Dinner!


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