Call to Action: Operation Protect Public Education

The Don’s cabinet choices are iffy at best. With people like Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway by his side, it’s no wonder many from the left are worrying about the future. As bad as those two are, his pick for Secretary of Education may be one of his worst yet.

Betty DeVos is yet another in Trump’s long line of billionaires he wants on his team. She’s a right-wing philanthropist may set back the American education more than anyone can imagine. Her past of attempting to dismantle and defund the public school system, support of for-profit charter schools and outspoken advocacy of the private education sector makes this Republican a no-go in our books.

America needs better for our children. They deserve a high-quality education no matter where they live or what their financial means are. People like Trump and DeVos have never sent a child to public school, and we need people who will speak up for our kids out of personal experience.

Thankfully, there’s a way to fight back.¬†The Action Network website is gearing up to take her down, and they need all the help they can get. We’re asking our #SUN members to lend a hand and sign up and fight for our children. America needs to do better than DeVos!

You can read their mission statement and add your name to their petition by clicking here. Even if you are a parent who sends their child to private school, please fight for those in the public system and make sure their rights are a priority!

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