Call to Action: 5 Ways to Resist Trump During Inauguration Week


We have a busy week of action ahead of us. The Senate will be continuing with confirmation hearings, MOCs will be working hard to protect the ACA, and the inauguration looms large on Friday. The good news is that our phone calls and messages are working! Led by John Lewis (D-GA), a growing number of Congressional Representatives are announcing they will NOT ATTEND the inauguration. They are taking a stand for us, and we owe it to them to do our share of the work as well. Here are 5 ways to resist Trump this week.


Today we observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the United States. For many people, this is a holiday from work and/or school. But for the past several years it has also been a national day of service. You can follow these links to learn about  and find ways to participate in, the National Day of Service to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today is also a good day to become aware of protest opportunities taking place all over the country, the continent, and the world throughout this week prior to the inauguration. Here’s a great place to start your research.


Last Chance to Oppose the Confirmation of Betsy DeVos!

Last week, our phone calls and the opposition from Democrat MOCs led to the postponement of Betsy DeVos’ confirmation hearing. It’s time to resist again! Her record on education is one that favors the wealthy, and she will likely take steps to dismantle public school systems. In addition, the Office of Government Ethics has said that her financial entanglements could take weeks to investigate. 

We cannot allow her hearing, scheduled for 5:00 P.M. EST TODAY, to proceed!

ACTION: Please call the Chairman and the Ranking Member of the  Senate HELP Committee to express your opposition to DeVos.

For further information about the concerns we should have about DeVos, read through the 16-page letter that Elizabeth Warren wrote last week. In this letter, she outlines a number of grave shortcomings and conflicts of interest. She also asks some very pointed and important questions of DeVos. Yes, sixteen pages is a long letter, but if you have any reason to care about the future of education in this country, it’s well worth a read.


Shifting back to a focus similar to Monday’s action, today we take action to restore the Voting Rights Act (VRA). The 2016 election was the first presidential election without full VRA protection since Jim Crow. The GOP took full advantage and did everything they could to stop People of Color from voting. It was a major factor in Trump’s win and a massive injustice.  Congress isn’t doing a thing about it. On Monday, those same members of Congress will trip over themselves praising Martin Luther King, Jr.


1. Call your MOCs and ask them to protect his legacy and #RestoreTheVRA.

  1. Also ask them to fight against Jeff Sessions, who has demonstrated a clear intent to further restrict voting rights.


Democratic Representative John Lewis took a stand against tyranny and declared that he sees Trump’s presidency as illegitimate. He announced that he will not be attending the inauguration ceremony for the first time in his career. Since that time, more than 20 other MOCs have joined him, and the list keeps growing every day.

ACTION: Call your MOCs and encourage them to join John Lewis and refuse to attend the inauguration on Friday, Jan 20.


Friday January 20 will be a day of mourning for millions of Americans and potentially for billions of concerned people around the world.  

If you’re looking for a way to make a statement while you resist Trump, there are loads of options available to you. A partial list of protest events is available here .


For those looking to protest or resist in a quieter manner, here are a number of suggestions to choose from. Check back. We will add to this list throughout the week!

  1. Take a walk in nature and enjoy the beauty of the environment.
  2. Read a book about racism or social justice.
  3. Change your profile picture on social media to honor the Obama family.
  4. Watch anything on TV other than the inauguration.  Keep his TV ratings low!
  5. Turn on Netflix or similar service and choose a movie that celebrates and showcases strong female characters.  Can’t find one?  Go see Hidden Figures, a movie based on our history that celebrates real women of color.
  6. Hang a rainbow flag in your yard or window.
  7. Volunteer your time at a homeless shelter, senior center, or other location that serves our most vulnerable citizens.
  8. Have a conversation with a veteran. Thank them for their service.
  9. Spend money at a restaurant or business owned by first-generation immigrants.
  10. Donate to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, SPLC, or a similar organization.
  11. Talk with your children or grandchildren and help build the future generation who will ensure that love always wins.
  12. Gather with friends and share favorite stories that will lift each other up.
  13. Introduce yourself to three new neighbors and work to build community.
  14. Read about white privilege and begin to take steps to become a better ally.
  15. Meditate. Help restore your inner sense of calm and strength.

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