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We're outspoken advocates for human rights issues all across North America

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"If You're Losing Hope, You're Not Doing Enough" - Mark Ruffalo

About Us

Toronto Anti-Trump Rally

Our History

SuitUp Nation was founded on December 1, 2016. What began as a small group of people dedicated to social issues soon grew into something much bigger than ourselves. Our tiny but mighty team are inspired by the #LoveTrumpsHate movement. We’re a network of social justice warriors who are doing what we can to ensure human rights and strive for North America to be a safe place for all.

Toronto Anti-Trump Rally

Our Vision

Our #SUN team hopes to take human rights advocacy to the next level. Every one of our members is a volunteer and dedicated ensuring #LoveTrumpsHate every single day. Our mission is to ensure the protection, equality, and safety of the most vulnerable in Trump’s America including (but not limited to) women, minorities, the LGBTQ+ community, our disabled friends, and our environment. OUR voice is YOUR voice.

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